The first time

To help get rid of your anxiousness

Are you considering coming to our activities, but you're still feeling a bit anxious? Then this is the page where we tell you what to you can expect.  We'll map it out for you by giving you some answers to the pressing questions you might have.

What kind of added value does Kajira have to offer me?

Well, our student association has two main goals. On one hand we attempt to make the topic of BDSM more socially acceptable and bring students together to discuss it, and on the other hand we'd like to give students a place where they can talk freely and be themselves, without having to hide behind a mask, worrying about what others might think.

Apart from that we are more importantly a tight-knit group of friends, just like many other student associations, except our close and warm crew is more open-minded than the average student. The added value thus consists of three pillars: you'd be helping a societal emancipation movement, you get a chance to talk freely and be yourself, and thirdly, you'll be included in a whole new welcoming circle of friends. Trust breeds trust, anyone looking for genuine friendship will receive the same in return.

What happens on these activities? What can I expect?

Usually, we give a clear depiction of the activity in the description. When it says 'an evening of interesting conversation in a pub', then we are actually going to that pub to chat. This also means that when we the words 'gangbang' are nowhere to be found in that description, we are not planning to strip you of all your clothes (the owners of the pub in question probably wouldn't appreciate that either).

This basically sounds pretty tame and actually: it is. So don't worry too much about it and simply come by to see for yourself!  

Furthermore, we don't expect you to bring or wear anything special to activities unless it's explicably in the activity's description (for instance clothes that can stand a little mud for sporting in the park...). So when you come by, simply wear what you'd be wearing to class, or to get your cornflakes in the supermarket. You should, on the other hand, bring your Student Card, should there be any doubt regarding you still being a student (yes, we will check).

If anyone's insecure about talking in group straight away, is it possible to meet with one or a few people beforehand?

Or course! If you're interested in a personal conversation before joining us, for whatever reason, then that can be arranged. All you have to do is fill in the contact form or send us an email/find us on Facebook and we'll take care of it! If you have any ideas to make dropping by for the first time easier on you or other people then we're also very open to suggestions. Please let us know!